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Resources for parents

Find out about the resources available to help you support your child's special educational needs.

Parents' guide for children with special educational needs

The guide aims to help you understand:

  • What special educational needs is
  • How you can support your child
  • The support available in mainstream and special education schools
  • How to apply to a mainstream or special education school
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May Holiday – Caring for our children's well-being during the COVID-19 period

To help support families of children with special educational needs in the transition from home-based learning to the holiday month, we have compiled an online Holiday Resource Package for Families to draw from and use through the May holiday month.

This holiday resource package has been prepared to help families with children with special educational needs to have fun and learn, maintain home routines and schedules, and also cope with changes, and not to forget, family self-care. Do remember that you are welcome to reach out to your child's school for any help or advice that you may need during the holidays.

Download the guide.