Infineon Technologies Asia Pacific

At Infineon, they make life easier, safer and greener with microelectronics that contribute to a better future. It is a leading semiconductor and system solution provider with over 36,000 employees worldwide. Concealed and barely visible, semiconductors have become an indispensable part of our daily lives. They help to safeguard information and connected devices, paved the way for autonomous yet safe vehicles and deliver electric energy with almost zero losses from the power grid to consumer gadgets.

About 2000 employees in Singapore support Infineon’s global competence hub for chip design, verification and production delivering about 2 billion chips annually. It is also home to the regional centre for Sales and Marketing, Supply Chain and Shared Services.

The company has in place a development framework consisting of different learning roadmaps, and offers both managerial and technical career paths to maximise the potential of its people so that they can contribute at their best. Scholars have the opportunity to gain useful work experience while studying, through Infineon’s comprehensive internship programme covering real business projects, formal orientation, in-house training, dialogues with the management and more.

Infineon contributes to a better future:

…with its entrepreneurial spirit Through creativity and commitment Infineon creates value for its customers, employees and investors. It understands how semiconductors increase the system performance of modern technology, enabling solutions that will shape our lives today and tomorrow. Developed with passion and manufactured with precision, every single product proves its’ will to succeed. This is what makes Infineon a reliable partner and helps its customers to become even more successful.

…by accepting responsibility for society Infineon combines entrepreneurial success with responsible behaviour. Efficient use of energy, environmentally-friendly mobility and security in a connected world – it solves some of the most critical challenges that society faces while taking a conscientious approach to the use of natural resources.

…with a unique team Men and women from more than 90 countries make Infineon a successful international company – with their skills, their enthusiasm and the courage to challenge the status quo and open up new horizons. Since the semiconductor was invented, it has helped shape the future – every single day.

Potential Career Path

Infineon’s employees contribute to Infineon’s success in many different ways and functions. It is important to Infineon that everybody can develop to their full potential. That’s why they provide their employees with a career development framework which best suits their abilities and aspirations.

The Individual Contributor Career is the standard career path for Infineon. It aims at employees who contribute to Infineon’s success though their expertise in a special business area. Individual contributors are the backbone of our company.

The Management Career is for all leaders at Infineon. The focus is on managing and leading people and their areas of the business. The Infineon Leadership Roles & Task Model describes the requirements of the job with a changing focus for each level.

The Project Management Career is a career intended for employees whose job requirements are mainly about leading projects and functional leadership of the project team. It provides a transparent development framework with clear perspectives, requirements and learning opportunities for each project management level.

The Technical Ladder is a career for employees with specialized technical know-how. Requirements for every level of the Technical Ladder are defined within the Technical Ladder Competency Matrix. The Technical Ladder encourages technical expertise and systematically fosters the development of our technical experts in accordance with business needs.

Preferred Courses of Study

  • Business & Accountancy (Accountancy, Business, Business Analytics, Finance)
  • Engineering (Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electrical Engineering & Information Technology, Electrical Power Engineering, Engineering, Engineering Product Development, Engineering Science, Engineering Systems & Design, Materials Engineering, Material Science & Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Design Engineering, Mechanical Design & Manufacturing Engineering, Systems Engineering (ElectroMechanical Systems), Telematics (Intelligent Transportation Systems Engineering))
  • Information & Communications Technology
  • Science (Mathematical Sciences, Mathematics)
  • Supply Chain Management