Pick any electronics gadget today – a mobile phone, computer, video game console or a car navigation system. There's a good chance that part of it was designed or made in Singapore. Electronics is the bedrock of the Singapore manufacturing sector. From its modest beginning as the only TV assembly plant in Southeast Asia in the 1960s, Singapore's electronics industry has grown to become a vital node in the global electronics market.

Growth Opportunities

Singapore aims to be a dynamic electronics capital that extends and expands the frontiers of high technology. Today, about 1 out of 10 wafer starts and 40% of the world's hard disk media come from Singapore.

Electronics is the major industry underpinning Singapore's economic growth, and contributes 33% of the city-state's manufacturing value-added. Of S$12.9 billion in fixed asset investments in 2010, electronics accounted for almost 45% of the total investments. Employment for the industry stands at 80,000, which is 19% of total manufacturing jobs. In addition, the manufacturing of finished electronics products creates many spin-offs to other segments of the economy, such as precision component manufacturers, chemicals and materials suppliers, electronic manufacturing systems companies and logistics service providers.

Singapore has a full suite of activities to meet business requirements; from R&D to development, manufacturing, supply chain management, logistics and regional and global headquarters functions.

Fun Facts

Singapore has:

  • 9 of the top 15 fabless semiconductor companies
  • 14 silicon wafer fabrication plants including the world's top three wafer foundries
  • 20 semiconductor assembly and test operations including three of the world’s top six outsourced semiconductor assembly and test companies.

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