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Scholarship terms (Mid-Term Scholarships)

What will I receive under the scholarship?

SgIS Mid-Term scholars will receive a grant amount that depends on the number of years of undergraduate study remaining.

Scholarship SchemeGrant AmountNumber of Academic Years Remaining Duration of Bond Period
SgIS Mid-Term LocalSGD 30,0001 – 2 years2 years
SGD 50,000More than 2 years3 years
SgIS Mid-Term OverseasSGD 40,0001 – 2 years2 years
SGD 60,000More than 2 years3 years
Must I serve out my bond strictly in my sponsoring organisation?

Yes, SgIS scholars have a service obligation to their sponsoring organisation.

Will I receive sponsorship to pursue a master’s degree?

SgIS scholars may seek approval from their sponsoring organisations. Approval is subjected to the needs of the sponsoring organisation.

Bond period may increase proportionately should SgIS scholars pursue a master’s degree under the sponsoring organisation’s sponsorship.

Will I be allowed to hold other undergraduate scholarships concurrent to SgIS?


Will the scholarship terms and coverage differ among sponsoring organisations?

SgIS scholarship terms and coverage are the same across sponsoring organisations.