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Secondary 1 (S1): Receive school posting results

5. Appeal for transfer for serious medical conditions

If you assess that your posted secondary school is unable to accommodate your child’s physical health or special learning needs, you may appeal for a transfer. Appeals can be filed at your posted secondary school on the next day after the posting results have been released.

Things to remember about appealing for a transfer

  • Appeals will only be considered on exceptional basis for students with:
    • Serious medical conditions, such as chronic heart conditions or kidney problems.
    • Dyslexia or Autism Spectrum Disorder.
    • Severe physical disabilities, such as those requiring permanent use of a wheelchair.
  • All appeals must be accompanied by relevant supporting documents, such as medical reports, letters from doctors.
  • If you intend to appeal for transfer, your child must still report to their posted school on the reporting day.
  • The staff at your child’s posted secondary school will help to file your appeal.
  • MOE will respond to all appeals by early January.
  • Students seeking transfers should continue to attend their posted secondary school until their transfer is approved.
  • Transfers are subject to vacancies at the requested transfer school.

Note: If you are seeking a transfer due to other reasons, you may approach the school of choice directly. Your child’s PSLE aggregate score should meet the school’s cut-off point of the posting year. Transfers will be subject to available vacancies.