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Secondary 1 (S1) posting process

Most students are placed in secondary schools through the S1 posting process, which takes place once the PSLE results are released. Learn about the process and how to prepare.


Mid Oct

Explore schools

Once you have explored courses and programmes, you and your child can use the online school finder to explore and make a shortlist of suitable schools.

Browse schools
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21 Nov to 25 Nov (tentative)

Submit school choices

Your child will choose their preferred secondary schools. Submit your child’s six preferred school choices online by 3pm on the final day.

20 Dec to 24 Dec (tentative)

Receive school allocation results

The posting results will be released tentatively on 20, 23 or 24 December online, via SMS and your child’s primary school. Your child will then report to their secondary school at 8.30am on the following working day.

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