Subjects for Express course

Express has two programmes: O-Level and Integrated. The GCE O-Level programme is a 4-year course leading to the GCE O-Level examination. The integrated programme is a 6-year course leading to the GCE A-Level examination or International Baccalaureate Diploma or NUS High School Diploma. Students in the Integrated Programme do not need to take the GCE O-Level examination in Secondary 4.


Express course students study a set of compulsory subjects and can take optional subjects (also known as electives) at the upper secondary level (Secondary 3 onwards).

Compulsory subjects include English Language, Mother Tongue Language, Mathematics, Science and the Humanities.

Optional subjects are wide-ranging, and further nurture your child’s abilities. Some schools also offer applied subjects such as Computing, Exercise and Sports Science and Drama.

Your child’s interests may affect their school choice, as some subjects are only offered at certain schools.


Students can seek admission to certain secondary schools based on their talents in sports, CCAs or specific academic areas. If this applies to your child, learn more about Direct School Admission for secondary schools (DSA-Sec).

School specific opportunities