Secondary school

Last updated: 24 January 2019

Secondary 1 (S1): submit school choices

3. Receive S1 Option Form and Eligibility Letter

Your child will receive a personalised S1 Option Form and Eligibility Letter along with their PSLE results. The S1 Option Form contains your child’s S1 PIN for the submission process.

The Eligibility Letter may include information about:

  1. Whether your child is in the Express or Normal (Academic) and Normal (Academic) or Normal (Technical) course option. If your child is eligible for more than one course, they must choose one when submitting school choices.
  2. Language programmes such as Higher Mother Tongue Language or a third language.
  3. Bonus points for admission to Special Assistance Plan schools, if your child performed well on the PSLE and in Higher Chinese.
  4. Edusave scholarships for independent schools, if your child is eligible.

Tip: If you or your child are unable to pick up their PSLE results, S1 Option Form and Eligibility Letter, nominate another adult to do so using this proxy form.

Exploring S1 choices

Take some time to discuss secondary school options with your child. Based on their PSLE results, personality, learning style, strengths and interests, you will want to think about the following:


Depending on your child’s PSLE score, they may have to choose between two courses—i.e. between Express and Normal (Academic), or between Normal (Academic) and Normal (Technical). The course you choose will apply to all school choices. Your child should then choose schools accordingly, as they can only be posted to schools that offer their chosen course.

Elective programmes and schemes offered

Secondary schools offer various programmes and schemes (e.g. third languages, Music and Art Elective Programmes, applied subjects). Your child may include schools that offer the programmes or schemes that they are interested in as part of their school choices.

School type

Choose a school type (e.g. government, government-aided, independent, etc.) that suits your child’s goals. If your child is a Singapore citizen, financial assistance and scholarships are available to help them attend the school of their choice.

Location and transportation

Think about transportation options and how your child will get to school.

Affiliated schools

For priority admission to the affiliated secondary school, your child must indicate the school as first choice. However, admission is not guaranteed as it is still subject to availability of places. Some secondary schools may also have additional qualifying criteria for their affiliated primary school students.

Tip: For schools offering both Integrated Programme (IP) and GCE O-Level Programme (dual-track), affiliation considerations will only be given for the O-Level Programme.

Special Assistance Plan (SAP) Schools

SAP schools aim to deliver a bilingual and bicultural education through a learning environment steeped in Chinese culture and global diffusion. If your child has taken both English and Chinese language at the PSLE, they may opt for SAP schools.

Special needs

If your child has special needs (e.g. hearing loss, visual impairment, physical disability or mild Special Educational Needs (SEN)), you may choose schools with specialised facilities and/or resources that cater to them.

You and your child can now explore the list of suitable schools and make a shortlist.