Secondary school

Last updated: 18 January 2019

4. Complete the S1 Option Form

School choices

List your child’s six secondary school options in order of preference using each school’s 4-digit option code.

Course options

If your child is eligible to choose between two course options, decide on the course first—e.g. between Express and Normal (Academic), or between Normal (Academic) and Normal (Technical).

As their chosen course will apply to all school choices, your child should apply to schools that offer the selected course.

Third language options

If your child is eligible for a third language, list up to three choices in order of preference, using the 2-digit language codes.

The third language option codes can be found in your child’s Eligibility Letter, as well as the S1 Internet System.

Important reminder

During the S1 posting process, your child will be posted based on academic merit. This means that a student with a higher PSLE score will be posted to their preferred school before another student with a lower score.

If your child does not get into any of their chosen schools, they will be posted to a school near your home that still has vacancies.

For this reason, make sure you:

  • Look at the past year’s PSLE cutoff points for your child’s chosen schools. Note that the cutoff points change every year, and should only be used as a rough guide.
  • Make use of all six secondary school options.
  • Keep your home address updated with your child’s primary school.