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Counselling and student welfare

School Counsellors provide support to students with personal or academic challenges while Student Welfare Officers help disadvantaged students continue their schooling. Learn about the support in schools.

What is counselling?

Counselling is a way for students to talk about and work through their challenges with a trained counsellor.

A counsellor or psychologist will use strategies and skills to help students to:

  • Cope with their situation.
  • Change their behaviour, if necessary.
  • Consider the consequences of their actions.

Who is it for

Students who are facing personal or academic challenges will benefit from early intervention from school counsellors.

Counselling process

School counsellors may intervene when students are facing behavioural, physical or mental health challenges.

The counselling services in schools are organised in 3 steps:

1. Intervention by teachers

Students are encouraged to talk to their teachers first. If the intervention is unsuccessful, they may be referred to a counsellor.

2. Referral to counsellors

Students who need specialised attention may be referred to a teacher-counsellor, school counsellor, or external counsellor.

3. Referral to specialists

Students who require intensive intervention will be referred to our lead school counsellors or professional agencies such as the Child Guidance Clinic.

Support in schools

Our mainstream schools are supported by the following:

  • Teacher-Counsellors (TC) who are trained on counselling skills and in areas such as suicide intervention, grief and loss counselling, and management of behaviour in emergencies.
  • School Counsellors who are professional counsellors with either a Diploma, Bachelor or Master Degree in Counselling.
  • Student Welfare Officers who are trained to help mitigate the environmental barriers that may affect students' attendance and reintegrate these students back to school.


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