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Update status of child living overseas

If your child is living overseas, you will need to tell us where they are when it is time to register for Primary 1 (P1). Learn about when and how you can inform us.


If your child is living overseas in the year they are due for P1 registration, you will need to update MOE of their whereabouts.

You must ensure that your child completes their primary education in a national primary school when they return to Singapore if they:

  • Are of compulsory school age (above age 6 and under 15).
  • Have not completed their primary education in a school setting.

When to update

You will need to inform us on your child’s whereabouts between January and June 1 year before they are due to start P1.

This means that you will have to inform us between between January and June 2019 if your child is due to start P1 in 2020.

How to update

Complete this form and submit the necessary documents online.

You will know that your submission is successful upon receipt of an acknowledgement email from us.

Documents required

You will need to upload a soft copy of the following documents:

  1. Child’s birth certificate.
  2. Child’s Singapore Citizenship Certificate (if not a Singapore Citizen at the time of birth).
  3. Singapore NRIC of both parents.
  4. Letter of Admission from overseas school (if applicable).
  5. Written evidence of overseas posting (for Singaporeans living overseas).


Each document should not be more than 1MB in size.