A strong start for every child at MOE Kindergarten

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Why choose MOE Kindergarten (MK)?

Purposeful play and quality interactions

Through activities planned to achieve learning outcomes, your child will learn to engage in lively discussions with teachers and friends to build on ideas and concepts together.

Distinctive Singapore flavour

Your child will learn about people, places and things around them such as festivals, traditions and local food. This authentic context makes learning more relevant and real for them.

Mother Tongue Language programme

Your child will be part of a preschool that offers a programme in the 3 official Mother Tongue Languages – Chinese, Malay and Tamil languages.

How to register

The registration period for 2021 K1 admission has not opened. You can refer to our guide to understand the registration process and admission priority for our schools.

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The MK Experience

The MOE Kindergarten learning environment is designed with your child in mind.

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