Edusave Account

All eligible Singapore Citizen students will have an Edusave account and receive a yearly contribution for their educational use. Learn how much your child will receive and what it can be used for.


Every Singapore Citizen (SC) will have an Edusave account created automatically for them.

For SCs in MOE-funded schools, they will receive annual contributions from the start of their primary school education until they complete their secondary school education.

For SCs who are not in MOE-funded schools, they will receive annual contributions from 7 to 16 years of age. This includes children who are enrolled in madrasahs and privately-funded schools, as well as those home-schooled or residing overseas.

Here’s how much your child will receive this year:

  • Primary school students: $230
  • Secondary school students: $290


  • You cannot contribute into your child's Edusave account.
  • There is an additional one-off top up of $150 in 2019 for primary and secondary school students.
  • Junior college and Millennia Institute students will not receive annual contributions or top ups. They can still use their available Edusave funds for approved fees and enrichment programmes organised by their schools.

Balance and Transactions

You will receive a statement of account by end of March every year. This statement will show the Edusave transactions from February of the previous year to January of the current year.

Your child's Edusave account will be closed in the year they turn 17 years old or when they are no longer studying in an MOE-funded school, whichever happens later. The balance will be automatically transferred to their Post-Secondary Education Account (PSEA).

The balance in each Edusave account will earn interest pegged to the Central Provident Fund (CPF) Ordinary Account which is currently at 2.5%. This interest it credited to the Edusave account in December of every year.

You can also call our 24hr automated Edusave/Post-Secondary Education Account hotline at 6260 0777 to check.

Usage of Edusave Funds

How your child can use their Edusave funds and the period they will receive their annual contributions, depend on the type of school they attend.

  • MOE-Funded Schools include Government and Government-Aided Primary, Secondary, Junior Colleges, Millennia Institute, Independent Secondary and Junior Colleges, Specialised Independent Schools, Specialised Schools, and SPED.
  • Non-MOE-Funded Schools include madrasahs and privately-funded schools.


MOE-Funded Schools

Your child can use their Edusave funds for:

  • Enrichment programmes organised by their schools.
  • 2nd-tier miscellaneous fees.
  • Miscellaneous fees for autonomous government and government-aided schools.

To use your child's Edusave funds, you will need to submit the completed Standing Order Form directly to the school. You can download the form or get a copy at your child's school.

Note: If your child is studying in an independent or special education school, you should get and submit the completed ad-hoc withdrawal form, from your child's school.
Non-MOE-Funded Schools

Your child can use their Edusave funds for approved enrichment programmes that are:

  • Conducted wholly in Singapore.
  • Organised by their educational institution—if outside of an institutional setting—where they are receiving their education, such as from their parents.

Approved enrichment programmes, such as:

  • Curriculum-related programmes such as speech and drama, creative writing, phonics, creative arts, and science and music enrichment.
  • Enhancement of social emotional learning such as adventure or leadership camps, educational seminars, conferences and motivational workshops.
  • Local educational learning journeys such as visits to the Singapore Science centre, Singapore Zoo, Jurong Bird Park, museums, heritage and cultural visits, and exhibitions.
  • Subscription fees for educational magazines and periodicals such as Young Scientists, Readers' Digest and National Geographic Kids.
  • Registration fees for competitions such as the Mathematical Olympiad Programme.

If your child is studying in a non-MOE-funded school, check with the institution directly on the withdrawal process.

For children who are not in an educational institution, you can submit your withdrawal application to us directly if the programmes are within the approved guidelines. The amount withdrawn will be paid into your child's designated local bank account or an approved joint account. First time claimants are required to submit the Direct Authorisation Form to set up their bank account. Claims can only be done individually.

If you are a private education provider

You may apply to administer Edusave withdrawals for your students if you are registered with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) and one of the following:

  • Committee for Private Education.
  • Private Schools Section of the Ministry of Education

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