Secondary school

Last updated: 04 January 2019

Direct School Admission (DSA-Sec): Apply

2. Eligibility

Primary 6 students can apply for DSA-Sec based on a wide-range of talents, including:

  • Sports and games
  • Visual, literary and performing arts
  • Debate and public speaking
  • Science, mathematics and engineering
  • Languages and humanities
  • Uniformed groups
  • Leadership (e.g. prefects)

Schools have different selection criteria, but in general, applicants must be able to demonstrate a high level of ability. For example, your child might have:

  • Represented the school in a CCA.
  • Held a prominent role in a play or performance.
  • Done well in a subject such as mathematics or creative writing.
  • Held a leadership role in class or a CCA.

Things to note

  1. Your child’s PSLE score still matters. Students offered placement in a DSA-Sec school still need a PSLE score that qualifies them for the course offered by the school.
  2. If your child is admitted through DSA-Sec, they must commit to their chosen school for the duration of the programme. They are not allowed to transfer to another secondary school.