Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE)

Applications for the Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) programme are open. Apply via Careers@Gov by 2 August.

1. Overview

The Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) is a full-time programme meant for degree holders who would like to become teachers.

The training programme provided by the National Institute of Education (NIE) aims to equip you with the knowledge and skills to teach school subjects and better understand the teaching profession in Singapore’s educational context.

The PGDE training programme at NIE broadly covers:

  • Education Studies
  • Curriculum Studies
  • Practicum
  • Language Enhancement and Academic Discourse Skills

There are two types of PGDE programmes – one to teach academic subjects, the other to teach Physical Education (PE). Each programme has its own specialisations and programme length.

Teaching levels

  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • Junior College
Teaching track

You will specialise in a teaching track consisting of:

  1. An educational level (i.e. Primary, Secondary or Junior College)
  2. A broad subject specialty (e.g. English Language, Mathematics, Science)

The teaching subject that you are assigned within the broad specialty will depend largely on whether you possess the necessary and relevant content mastery.

Candidates assigned to be teachers at the primary level will be trained to teach in 2 subjects to develop stronger mastery of content and pedagogical skills.

Note: Over the course of your career, you might, in response to organisational needs, be reassigned to teach at another level (e.g. primary instead of secondary). Should this happen, we will provide the necessary training.
 Programme length: 16 months

Bond length: 3 years

Teaching levels

  • Primary
  • Secondary

You will be trained to teach PE at both the primary and secondary levels. Dual level training will help you to understand growth and motor development across the school years, and their implications on teaching and learning.

Your first school posting will be to the first teaching level indicated on your Letter of Offer. You may be posted to the second teaching level assigned subsequently, subject to organisational needs.

 Programme length: 2 years

Bond length: 3 years

Compulsory Untrained Teaching Stint

Prior to admission into the PGDE programme, you would need to undertake a compulsory teaching stint. The stint allows you to affirm your interest in teaching, and lets us assess your suitability for the profession. If you successfully complete the teaching stint, you will be enrolled in the PGDE programme at NIE.


You will need a degree to be eligible for the PGDE programme.

These are the possible subject majors that are preferred for the various teaching subjects:

Subject majors
LevelTeaching subjectPossible major at university
JCGeneral PaperEnglish Language / Linguistics / Social Science / Humanities / Liberal Arts / Law
JC / SecondaryMathematicsMathematics / Statistics
BiologyBiology / Life Sciences / Biological Science
ChemistryChemistry / Applied Chemistry
PhysicsPhysics / Applied Physics
GeographyGeography / Environmental Studies
SecondaryEnglish LanguageEnglish Language / Linguistics / Social Science / Humanities / Liberal Arts / Law
English LiteratureEnglish Literature
Principles of AccountsAccountancy, Business (with Financial Accounting modules)
Social StudiesSocial Science / Humanities / Liberal Arts
Chinese LanguageChinese Language / Chinese Linguistics / Chinese Literature / Chinese Studies
Malay LanguageMalay Language / Malay Literature / Malay Studies
Tamil LanguageTamil Language / Tamil Literature
Secondary / PrimaryMusicMusic
ArtFine Arts / Architecture / Design / Art History
Physical EducationAll majors
PrimaryEnglish  and MathematicsAll majors. A good proficiency in the relevant language is essential.
English and Science
English and Social Studies
Chinese Language
Malay Language
Tamil Language

Note: The list is not exhaustive and additional relevant criteria may apply.

You will be assessed in totality, taking into account your personal qualities, experience and content knowledge. You are free to indicate your interest in any of the subjects. The final assignment will be done by MOE, after considering your subject knowledge, preference and organisational needs.

Note: If you are still studying, you are encouraged to apply in the early part of your final year of studies.

Cost and teaching bond

Your training at NIE is fully funded by MOE. After completing the PGDE programme, you will serve a 3-year teaching bond.

You will have to pay damages to MOE should you:

  • Fail to graduate from NIE
  • Resign or are terminated from the teaching service before serving out the full duration of your teaching bond

Salary and benefits

You will receive a monthly salary of $2,760 to $3,500 while undergoing your Untrained Teaching Stint in school and if enrolled, during NIE training as well.

Your exact salary would depend on:

  • Your academic training
  • Your relevant experience to teaching
  • Time spent on the job
  • Whether you have completed full-time National Service
Note: There is no pay difference for teachers across the different teaching levels, if they hold the same experience and academic training.

As a General Education Officer (i.e. the scheme of service you are appointed to upon graduation from the PGDE programme), you will also be eligible for a number of benefits. Some of them include:

  • Bonuses, such as Non-Pensionable Annual Allowance, performance bonus and other variable bonuses
  • Time off during school holidays, as long as your services are not required during that time
  • Subsidised medical and dental benefits
  • 14 days of medical leave (without hospitalisation), and up to 60 days of hospitalisation leave
  • 10 days of urgent leave for private matters, subject to approval
  • Use of Civil Service Club chalets at subsidised rates
  • Professional learning and development benefits
  • The CONNECT plan, which rewards you for commitment to teaching with pay-outs at the defined points of your career
  • Optional life and critical illness coverage

Professional development and career tracks

The Ministry values every teacher as part of the MOE family, and is committed to supporting and developing each teacher’s potential. Learn about the professional development opportunities and career tracks available, to help you reach your career aspirations.